Swamp cooler faucet hook up

You can run either a copper water supply line or plastic and all the parts are readily available during the warm months.

You will need to buy a hose faucet with a swamp cooler adapter built into it. This is simply a threaded hole in the side of it so you can screw in a valve.

Hooking up a swamp cooler, need a bit of help. | IGN Boards

So all that is left to do is to connect the water line from the hose bib to the swamp cooler. Lay out the supply line either copper or plastic and connect one side to the hose bib valve. Inexpensive and efficient, portable evaporative coolers are becoming a mainstay in home cooling. The use of outside air in their functioning, albeit a benefit, is also the very reason finding people skilled in the installation of Littleton evaporative coolers to be necessary.

Hooking up a swamp cooler, need a bit of help.

They must be installed outside the home and ducted into the house. Furthermore, they must be protected over the winter months, something your installation team can help you with. Like with most appliances, your evaporative cooler may periodically need a check-up. Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Electric can help out there as well.

Evaporative Swamp Cooler Water Line and Float hook up Part 2

Scheduling an annual inspection is likely the best way to keep your swamp cooler working properly. With annual maintenance, you can enjoy your evaporative cooling system for many years.

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So give us a call at for your next cooling job involving Littleton evaporative coolers. Check out this page if you would like to learn more about the energy efficiency of modern swamp cooling systems and more.

You Can Always Consider A Portable Swamp Cooler In Littleton

Give us and our team of professional and reliable Littleton swamp cooler experts a call at the first sign of any kind of cooling system trouble. Either type of water line to determine if it. An evaporative cooler with.

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Connecting a Swamp Cooler line To a Outside Faucet

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