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Problems with the game at launch have been documented on various websites, such as Reddit , with users claiming to be waiting hours to enter a multiplayer game. Customers have also complained of various in-game freezes, bugs and audio issues. Dan Ayoub wrote on the game's official website that "we are truly sorry and feel your frustration".

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He said the team at developer Industries was working "day and night" to resolve the problems, and promised a back-end fix is planned to go live on Wednesday. Again, these are server-side fixes, so you won't need to take a content update or reboot your console; you should see the effects right away. The Master Chief Collection, we've received several, well deserved, complaints related to slow matchmaking and other issues.

From everyone at Industries, we are truly sorry and feel your frustration. The Master Chief Collection has a massive surface area, and while we made every effort to have the best launch possible for our fans, issues surfaced with launch and we're committed to improving this as fast as possible and get you all into matches.

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The Master Chief Collection features updated versions of Halo , complete with remastered visuals, updated sound, and multiplayer support. This isn't the first multiplayer issue that's come to light for the game, as Industries recently explained that networking troubles led the developer to delay the dedicated Halo: The proposed solution is more of a suggestion and something simple to do that does not take time nor does it guarantee a fix.

Worth a shot if you ask me, because this simple solution seemed to work for me.

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Yes, they need to fix the regional filter or add a better lag compensation filter but that is not the topic of discussion for right now. These steps may provide help with issues with either "lag" or AKA "frame-rate lag": Now what made me come to this conclusion? Well, I had been lagging so bad or what I thought was lag for about 3 days straight.

Well, let me tell you, I have a 25 mbps Download speed, 4.

That is not a bad connection. So it brought me to the conclusion something was just wrong with the game. So, I was talking to my buddy. He told me "man you just gotta ask people who are not having issues with the game that have good connections like yourself, I am one of them. I was surprised and questioned why?

Bugs and connection issues expected

He said there could be an issue with it reading 2 things at once on the hard drive and would more than likely be the cause of the framerate atrocious game-breaking lag. He was right and it worked. The Hard Drive in many cases is faster than a laser reader.

If you think about it, when the game has to read two simultaneous things it will decrease performance. We were forced to install Disc 2, which is fine, but when it comes down to it the game itself has maybe similar or extra data on Disc 1. Read it and understand it. This is a person-to-person issue, some may not have any problems with it installed others do. Thanks community and happy gaming! UnSeEnZ For better clarification on people that are not experiencing issues following this I went ahead and decided to post a quote list below: SkItZo , Antics and Halolengend like this.

Yeah it it nice to have a decent internet connection but I will tell you that was why I was so baffled. I agree, but for some reason I had less frame rate issues when I uninstalled Disc 1. I know of two other people I helped on my FL that is worked for as well. I think it has something to do with the HD getting confused as to what data to read and when the Xbox gets "hot" it may not full read the data on the HD.

Microsoft has their building blocks

Trust me, this is all speculation and I just wanted to share a possible fix for the community. BTW, I did this uninstall fix and all the kill cams were near perfect. I mean let's be honest no kill cam is ever perfect in every game BUT, it at least showed me kind of what happened. Thanks, yeah sorry if I came off disagreeing with you.

Your explanation made sense and maybe, just maybe having the game installed through a flashdrive might be more beneficial than the Hard Drive. I really do not know, but one thing I do know is the xbox hardware is most definitely outdated and anything that could potentially help is always a plus. Glad to have your input and happy gaming! Anyways so you can confirm you are having no issues then? With the Disc 1 not being installed and all.

From day one I installed Disc 2 and that is all. I tend to have response lag pressing a button on the controller and the action occurs about. For War Games, I have played games where the screen would go black acting like it is changing hosts but the people in the game inform me that they are playing and I am running off cliffs So reasons for lag behoove me. Any help, if established, would be greatful. This will enable thousands of new, not before live streams to hit Twitch.

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The new functionality will be coming soon, March 11th, and Microsoft will be hand picking a select number of Xbox One users to beta test the update before the general public has a chance to get their hands on it. Xbox Music is decent, if slightly underrated, and the Nokia Lumia is undoubtably a low end smartphone meant to appeal to only the most basic of would-be smartphone customers.

Microsoft is once again trying to convince people to buy the Xbox One. This time, their scheme is simply to offer trade-ins: As with these sorts of trade-in deals, the console must be in fully-working condition with no major cosmetic issues and with all of the original cables and controllers. It should be no surprised that Microsoft has been working on not one, but two new Halo projects. While the previously announced Halo: The good news is, however, that Microsoft will be making it up to gamers — and in a big way. According to the report, Microsoft will indeed be releasing the oft-rumored Halo 2: Anniversary Edition this November on the Xbox One.

While this has yet to be officially confirmed by Microsoft, the news has been confirmed by numerous industry insiders and we believe it to be accurate. Microsoft will more than likely reveal more about the fate of both Halo 5 and the potential inevitable?

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Anniversary Edition at E3 this summer. We proudly cover every aspect of tech from the newest, hottest app all the way to hardware and beyond. We also cover some slightly offbeat news that we may find interesting. Posts with tag xbox Bugs and connection issues expected The Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta now live plus first impressions Dec 29, Featured , Gaming , Microsoft. Well, there goes one defining feature Microsoft has apparently abandoned plans to make every Xbox One a developer kit Jul 9, Xbox sticking around, new Skype functionality incoming May 27, Xbox boss shoots down portable rumors Remember that Xbox Surface?