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TV cable box, Blu-ray player.. Trouble is, the TV has only two settings: TV itself, and external. The receiver is a Pioneer from years back. I have a wireless crystal sound surround model HW -C with sub woofer both purchased at same time. It was working great until my satellite reciever model DSR died so I brought the identical one same model same age from another TV connecting it exactly the same. What no one can answer is why no sound on sound bar or TV but picture???

Other is why does my satellite receiver shut off on its own along with sound bar??? It never did that before. I want to use my satellite remote to get satillite signal and My TV remote only to power up the TV and use my small Samsung remote to turn on power bar. Thanks in advance for all those who want and can answe my question. However, the reason the sound bar may also shut off is possibly because the satellite remote may be connected to the sound bar through set up?

Also, the reason that the sound bar may not be providing sound is possibly related to the input settings on the sound bar?

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You should reach out to the service provide of your satellite signal shaw? You could also request a home visit from Geek Squad: Home membership covers every device in your home. Can you hook the receiver to a bluetooth transmitter and send the signal to your Sound bar? Can I just buy any sumsung wireless subwoofer and connect it to the soundbar?

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Or it has to be the same HW-jr subwoofer? Another reason for thinking in a sound bar is the wireless subwoofer. The receiver is connected to speakers in other rooms of the house. Hi I want to use my Samsung soundbar as a speaker independently of the tv through my iPad using Bluetooth? Can I do that? Without connecting it to my tv at all? Note that you will need to have the iPad within line of sight to the Bluetooth receiver, and within 30ft.

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Ideally for best sound quality, a direct connection from the iPad to the soundbar will be the best recommendation. Hi Thanks for the information. Now I want to add the soundbar of JBL to this setup. As per your suggestion can i hook the soundbar with AV Receiver via Optical cable? This will allow the TV to receive audio information, and send it back to the soundbar via the ARC Audio return Channel , You can then connect the Boston Acoustics A26 to the rear surround speaker output of the receiver.

You will need to configure the HK receiver speaker outputs appropriately, noting that the Front speaker output cannot be turned off, you can turn off the center speaker output, since the soundbar will be connectedand will operate as a stereo unit for Front Left and Right. This setup will not provide proper surround sound, because the receiver does not have dedicated pre-amp audio output, such as the Denon AVR-X http: Thank you so much Elliot,sorry for the delay to answer.

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So my question is how the Connections will be like. Please help me out as I am on verge of Tearing my hairs out. What I see is you can operate them seperatly with Receiver connected to TV using Optical and Soundbar using ARC or vice versa which defeats the purpose of using the two simultaneously.

I upgrade the , and want to put the avr in the garage. Please help me out in getting this sorted as connecting them separately will defeat the purpose.

Option 1: HDMI® Connection Using the ARC Feature

If your analysis the same for 5. Would running the signal through a receiver chop off the surround content? Do you need a special receiver? Is there enough connections? Are there passive soundbars for surround? Receive news updates via email from this site. Leonard Bond — January 14, Brad Moon — January 14, Chris Loblaw — January 14, Wearable Technology The biggest fitness trends for the year. Shadi Bozorg — January 2, Brad Moon — December 20, Jon Scarr — January 16, Steven Hill — January 16, Video Games Hitman 2 review. Jon Scarr — January 11, Silver Lining DLC review.

U Deluxe review on Switch. Video Games Fallout 76 review. Decades and Chimparty review. Brad Moon — January 16, Best Buy — January 14, Matt Paligaru — January 12, Smart home Belkin unveils new smart home products at CES Double Amplifiers The main problem with hooking a Soundbar to a receiver is that the receiver also has an amplifier. Here are some of the top soundbars available at Best Buy in Click here to see gift ideas. Hi Martin, Just wanted to follow up on this to see you received a response from the team. Hi Rahul, I just received a couple answers to this question from the home theatre team at Best Buy.

Hi, The home audio team advised that the section of the article that you refer to is no longer relevant to the selection of soundbars available. Keep up the good work.

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Your rationale was spot on as to why I would want to add a soundbar and powered sub. I upgrade the , and want to put the avr in the garage Just wondering if this is possible.

Please enter your comment! On both the cable box and the TV, you should use the audio ports grouped with the video ports you have already used. The audio plugs should be colored red and white, and the colors correspond to the audio connectors. Plug the cord into your TV. If you use a component connection, there will be five plugs.

If you use a coaxial cable, plug and screw the cord into the correct circular port. Identify the proper audio connections. You will use the audio output on your TV and the audio input on your AV receiver, and the input and outputs should look identical. Common types include RCA also called "composite" and digital optical. There will probably be several similar or identical input options for the receiver; you can use any of them, though the simplest choice is the one labeled for use with a TV.

Plug in the audio cord to the AV receiver input and the TV output. You can plug in either end of the cord s in any order. You should do this with the devices turned off. Turn on the AV receiver and select the correct audio input using the buttons or the receiver's remote. The correct input should match the label by the input into which you plugged the cords, probably "TV. Turn off the TV speakers using the TV's menu system. This is optional, but many people prefer to use the AV speakers alone.

Refer to your TV's User's Manual for specifics. A lover of technology in all forms, Matt Skaggs began writing professionally in , specializing in Windows computers and Android devices. His writing has appeared on many websites providing a plethora of technology information and tutorials. AV Receiver Identify the proper audio connections.