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Women are looking for a partner who, among other things, is a good listener. I have seen girls fall in love with me purely from the way I try to engage with them. We meet a girl; we go on a date; we have fun. At the back of our minds, sex will always be there. We see it as a measure of success.

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We need to learn how to not make this obvious. The better you become at disguising this desire, the more dating success you will have. My guideline for this is simple. I like to do things step by step. Start by keeping a reasonable physical distance to make your date feel safe and comfortable. Always introduce humour from the beginning as safety and humour go hand in hand.

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Keep the conversation flowing, make her feel convinced that you have an exciting life and are an exciting person. Trigger her mental curiosity.

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Get her asking you questions. This is a good sign. Once you are connecting at this level then I would go in for the kiss. And never ask for a kiss; just do it when the moment seems right. Jumping up and down on the couch like Tom Cruise will do you no favours.

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Instead, you should — slowly — start getting physical. But still never expect sex. Go back to the beginning of the cycle, keep the distance again and work your way back up to the next kiss. Repeat and things will definitely heat up. Rex Wood has been on more than dates and slept with women Image: Rex Wood Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters.

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More On Love Dating. News all Most Read Most Recent. Met Office UK weather forecast: Anyway, I came away feeling like these women may, like their male counterparts, be relying too heavily on rigid rulebooks. They each offer their services to both men and women. Hayley runs her business from London, while Amy runs New York company Modern Love Club and describes herself as 'match-maker to the stars'.

She seems to have a genuine anthropological interest in connecting people.

Hayley Quinn started her working life by ghost-writing for a lot of big male pick up artists. From there, I built my own client base.

Either way, she talks a lot about empowerment, a term Hayley Quinn relies on too. They described coming through in a very male dominated industry in the early days.

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  8. Her male counterparts were introduced by their credits alone. I did realise though that we could probably offer something a little different — that helps women and is perhaps a little more ethical. So, how do you police those ethics? Hayley tries to treat her clients on a case-by-case basis. She told us that, in her experience, most men she engaged with were morally fairly decent, so once you start teaching them that the only way to engage a woman is through trickery this will actually inhibit them.

    Van Doran seemed to think that these ten-step paths to success are just symptomatic of a wider quick-fix attitude. It bums me out, for sure. They do both take their clients out onto the street to meet people — like we see Tom doing in the film — but, as Amy told me, the language they use here is different. So, what exactly do they teach then? Well, Amy certainly seems to take a more pragmatic and flexible approach.

    Hayley sort of concurs really. What she talked about was teaching her clients empathy, rather than a skillset. She does have a rough 5-part guide to saying hello, but it essentially involves offering some information about yourself and then allowing your potential romantic interest the opportunity to engage, with no obligation or pressure.

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    As I spoke to these women, I began to get the sense that everything in life was a little easier, perhaps, than it seemed. Amy Van Doran actually told me she had a theory that, if you leave two people locked up alone for an extended period they will eventually fall in love. Anyway, it definitely sounds like an effective, if perhaps even less ethical approach than accosting people on the street at random.